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Oudh is one of the most expensive woods in the world.

It is harvested from the heartwood of “aquilaria” trees, also know as Agar tree originating in the Asam region of India.  The heartwood of Agar tree is normally odorless, light and pale in color. But, when infected by a particular type of mold the tree produces a thick dark-colored raisin to heal itself. This raisin fills the heartwood with dense color and fragrance.

“Oudh Oil” is extracted through hydrodistillation process from the raisin filled heartwood of Agar Tree.  Top grade agarwood and agarwood oil are very rare and expensive. The cost of top-grade “Oudh Oil” is at least one and half times greater than gold. Hence it is also called “Liquid Gold.”

The thick dark oil has a unique, woody, strong, and complex fragrance. This secret scent has been treasured for centuries. You can buy natural perfume here.

Oudh Fragrance

Oudh oil is especially popular in middle eastern countries where the weather is scorching hot. Oudh oil’s complex and intense aroma is suitable for such weather. However, for other climates, it is often too strong to wear. And, not to mention it is much more expensive than buying gold.

To bring you the various beneficial properties of Oudh and other rare organic fragrances such as sandalwood oil,  musk, Jasminum Sambac oils and blue lotus we have handcrafted a magical fusion of five different aromas for people like us to wear a difference of fragrances every day in our usual daily life.

All our fragrances are quality tested and of ISO certified standard.

We have created a perfect balance for

  • Variety
  • Quality
  • Affordability
  • Uniqueness
  • Long Lasting Fragrances

Other than feeling good about yourself these fragrances can also provide you many additional benefits including calming the body, enhancing awareness, reducing stress and fear responses and promoting harmony, clarity and mental functionality.

So stand out from the crowd and wear Natural Oudh Perfumes with pride and difference.

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Oudh Fragrance

100% Organic
Enjoy 100% alcohol and chemical free natural Oudh perfume made with skin friendly natural compounds.

Lasts Longer
Oudh attar fragrance lasts 3 to 5 times longer keeping you always fresh and sweet-scented all day long.

5 Unique Fragrances
Indulge yourself with 5 unique exotic Oudh fragrances evoking all of its warmth and energy.

Unisex Fragrance
Gender-neutral Oudh attar fragrances for everyone to wear a new fragrance every day.

Limited Edition Only
We bring you the premium collection of 100% organic and Natural Oudh Perfume online.

One-day Delivery
Get your bottles of natural oudh perfume delivered to your doorstep within one day after the order is placed.

Customer Speaks

100% organic Oudh perfume

I love it. Very exotic and completely worth the price.  Plus, there are no nasty chemicals.

100% organic Oudh perfume

Got it the very next day. Very exotic Oudh Fragrances. Perfect day time perfume…long lasting too. Go for it.

Organic Oud Oil

Very soothing and elegant fragrance. Excellent product…totally worth it. Last throughout the day.

Buy Natural Oudh Perfume Online

Pure Oudh scent. For this price, it’s pretty good. Can be a perfect gift. Recommend you to just buy it.